Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth Excerpt


  1. Lying is synonymous with politicians in general.. Why simply halt with spiritual nuances?

  2. A study a year or two ago asked people who would they rather their child marry, and atheist came in last, behind Muslims and a bunch of other things. So if a politician said they were and atheist they most likely will not get elected.

  3. So, admit you're an atheist & face losing your chance for office, because the majority of Americans see non-believers as horned devils with souls of wickidness.
    Nice to see what belief in the supernatural can do to your ridiculous notion of reality and morality.
    I'd like to see how easily a president would find sending people to die in war if they didn't believe there was an afterlife for the casualites of war to go to.
    What's better morally, treating a person as though they are a 'soul' of which we cannot prove, or treating them as a human being of which we can unequivocally prove.
    I'd say in that view, atheist logic wins against religious morality hands down.


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