Sunday, April 10, 2011

Necessity of the Old Testament to the New One


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  2. I would say the Old Testament needs the New for it to be complete and not the way you have it.

    You are right when you say Jesus did choose this prophecy about riding into Jerusalem on a donkey(although it still happened in a miraculous way Jesus telling his disciples who to talk to get the donkey. The point of this prophecy is that Jesus did choose the donkey, the humility. It was anti Rome(the super power at that time. Caesar or Pilate choose the war horse, Jesus did not. His kingly procession into Jerusalem where he would be crowned king with thorns, be beaten with his kingly sceptor, and set upon the cross, his thrown, was a kingly coronation but it was not the way of Rome or this world. It was very different, and that is the way Jesus choose. He did choose this prophecy, and no king would have besides him.

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  4. Thank you Todd for pointing out how pretty and nice sounding the bibles rhetoric is, like a fairytale fantasy fable laid out nicely on the dinner table. I have finished what's on the plate and now I shall go throw it back out, by the gate. The 'good book' is great, advertisement. But like all great advertisements and propaganda, we as a society are preyed upon. By, buy, bye, two, those blasphemizing they're own god by using the figleaf of their knowledge for their own good against another unwillingly from ages 6 to 106, like a starting fucking lineup. But I ain't buying your god blessed book. It ought be banned as child abuse. And I wont even read your title, past or, presently, you're just another human being like me walking around seeing. Were not all just sinning. Why must we inherently bad? It's sad it really is, that beautifully imaginmry wholly holy books can't be used for something other than death, control, and war. Jesus, himself, would have swore to the damned almighty god. And then nothing would've happened and wed still be surrounded by delusional people that have nothing better to do with their truly special time as talking apes alive, than talk about stone age magic rendered by peoples who hadn't even realized the Earth was round let alone revolving around the 'son....' Remember how well Galileo got along with your gods church? How can you claim to know anything about afterdeathlife? Most people can't even comprehend before death life. We know less about living than dying. When we die, were dead. A bug never cries when another dies, they keep on being, flies. The rest is lies. Santa told me that. And guess what, Santa Clause, is, he's dead too. I feel bad for you and many of the people I love. To know that so many die without ever knowing they were alive. No strings attached. Take a look at me Geppetto, I'm a real boy now.

    Thanks for spreading the real good news Garrett Fogerlie.


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